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Your stay at KONSTANTIN hotel

can become even more interesting by joining any of our trips to destinations within or beyond the prefecture of Pieria, such as Katerini, mount Olympus, Meteora, Edessa, Skiathos etc. The location provides an easy access to the city of Katerini. There, one can enjoy the city's market along with a pleasant stroll around its center. The city is roughly 7km away and the bus trips are 15 minutes apart.
Archaeological sites and museums around the municipality of Dion (famous ancient Greek Macedonian city) located only 15km away are sure to excite any visitor. Hiking at mount Olympus' foothills is also an experience that visitors pursue any chance they get. Another aspect of Pieria's destinations includes various religious sites like monasteries and churches within the prefecture as well as daily trips to Meteora.
One of the most beautiful Greek cities, Thessaloniki, located 70km north of our hotel provides the ideal destination for those looking for a cosmopolitan area to shop or enjoy an eventful outing.

Cultural Events

Our local summer festival

named "Festival Olympou" is definitely among the prominent Greek cultural events. The event is honored by many stars of the Greek music and theatrical scene and promises to be an experience that will leave a lasting impression on your vacations.

For those who want to fully enjoy the sea under the hot sun, we provide
an array of activities like water ski, jet ski, banana, water slide etc.